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We are bursting with ideas to help you make the most of the next few months, where first impressions are key to staying ahead of the competition.

With many more restrictions due to be lifted across the UK on the 17th May, the hospitality sector is once again under the spotlight from guests greatly anticipating their next trip out. A busy cafe or restaurant is a challenge to lead at the best of times but at a point where labour constraints and budgets are at the forefront of owners minds what room is left for a great family dining experience?

92% of parents asked in our latest survey, believe that the provision of children’s activity packs at the table is an important factor when deciding on which restaurant to dine out at*. The decision isn't always made by one person, with a quarter of all parents admitting that their children help out in the decision-making process. Whilst parents are influenced by price and availability, children are influenced by activity packs.

We know that children in a restaurant can be challenging, but keeping them in their seats and entertained for the duration of the visit, allows parents to sit and enjoy their meal without worrying about their children’s behaviour. Drinks sales see a great profit margin, with 66% of parents agreeing that if their children are happy at the table, they are more than happy to spend longer in the restaurant*. What a great opportunity to order a second drink or even a dessert!

The hospitality industry continues to be challenged by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Expectations from families are high- not only must they provide a safe environment to eat, but now parents are looking for even better value for money when they dine out. With 72% of kids packs users agreeing that the provision of children's activities enhances the family dining experience, we believe this is the key to happy guests and return visits.

Check out some simple ideas below that can make a big difference in your business!

1. Get creative 

Crayons are an easy addition to your business where your little guests can colour in and keep busy. Our crayons are specially manufactured for smaller hands, never need a pencil sharpener and the perfect shape not to roll off your tables! 

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2. Revamp your children’s menu

Make your kids menu stand out by printing your children’s meals on our menu mats. Our disposable menus are a great way to promote your children’s menu but double up as an activity sheet for the duration of their visit. Designed to fit through your printer, these double-sided, A4 sheets, have space to print your menu and specials as you need them, and give great flexibility should menu items change.

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3. Introduce a meal deal

Providing choice for parents and children is always a great idea when it comes to family dining. A great way to present children’s meals and offer an easy solution to takeaway dining our takeaway boxes are always a hit. Easy stackable and big enough to include a sandwich, drink and snack, why not benefit from this easy way to increase your sales.

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*Research was taken from Craftis Family Dining research in partnership with Mediacom, March 2020. Click here to find out more

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