Making your restaurant kids friendly could increase traffic up to 25%

Making your restaurant "kid friendly" could increase traffic up to 25%. It's true - the youngest guests can become your best guests! You are probably

How can they become your best guests when the average child, dependent on age, eats two or three times less than adults? Well, they can! Let us explain to you the incredible power that these little creatures have – the power that you can very easily turn into a real business.

First and foremost it's important to understand why children are an interesting target group of restaurant guests:

• Kids strongly influence the habits of their parents because parents often decide to eat where their little ones feel comfortable and happy.

• Families with children often do not stay for a long time in your restaurant or do not visit it at all if your restaurant is not kid friendly.

• Restaurants are often used for celebrations such as kid’s birthday parties or for family gatherings.

Consequently, children and their spending power should not be underestimated. Children are some of the best consumers that can become your best guests if their parents consider that your catering facility appeals to the family as a whole.

“Kid friendly” restaurants have become very popular.

Restaurants that are considered as "kid friendly" are playing an important role in our society today. Parents are searching online for ”kid and family friendly” restaurants when deciding to go out to eat for lunch - and will go there more often. Maybe this is the reason why the number of families who eat out has increased by 15% in the past 20 years.

Kid’s special menus.

It's a simple idea to offer a kid's special menu to make it attractive both in terms of food and entertainment value whilst they wait for their food to arrive. However, it has proven itself to be extremely effective in boosting the value your restaurant has to offer to families.

Creative ideas for kids in restaurants.

Children want to play and to express their creativity! You do not have to be a parent to know how kids are impatient, especially when they are hungry! Keeping them entertained takes the pressure off the parents and makes the whole dining experience far more relaxed and enjoyable. No need to rush badly behaved children home as quickly as possible.

Kid’s birthday parties.

Lots of restaurants are now very popular for children's parties. Many establishments are adding some entertainment in the form of a fun activity chef's hat, activity or party bags along with colourful branded tabletop party ware. The children have a fantastic time, no clearing up is required by the parents and it's a lucrative alternative market for restaurant owners.

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