Fruit Shoot™ for the Moon

Fruit Shoot™ for the Moon

Concertina Activity Pack
Britvic Fruit Shoot™

Concertina Activity Pack

This concertina style activity pack also comes with use of the free Craftis AR App which adds some extra fruity fun to the family dining experience this Easter!

Designed to WOW younger guests, Fruit Shoot™ characters are brought to life at the table, with the latest augmented reality.

Fruit Shoot™

Fun Filled Fruitiness

Roxtars Performance

Fruit Shoot Activity Pack with Augmented reality
Augmented Reality
Craftis App

Augmented Reality

Children are encouraged to use their imagination to paint their own canvas with Craftis crayons accompanying the pack.

Once finished, and pointing your device at the paint canvas, the Craftis App combines the child's colouring in, 3D animation and sound, to create a fully immersive AR experience.

The animation reflects the colours in the characters to create a fully personalised Fruit Shoot™ experience.

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