Sustainability Commitment

Sustainability Commitment

Proud of our Sustainability

Proud of our Sustainability

Shaping the Future

Newlife Charity Partner

Supporting Newlife, The Charity for Disabled Children, with charitable donations on an annual basis based on our profits. We fully support their efforts to ensure that every disabled or terminally ill child, gets the equipment they depend on and the quality of life they deserve.

Giving Back

Our products are never destroyed, we work with our customers to ensure orders are realistic and any waste is donated to charitable partners to benefit children in need.

Environmental Messaging

We include educational messaging on our products to encourage their re-use. Our family games and complete activity packs are suitably packaged to be put away and taken home, providing a reminder of a great family experience.

Eco-Friendly Materials

We use vegetable oil-based inks and water based varnishes to reduce our chemical output. Our lamination mailing wraps are biodegradable wherever possible.

Reusable Bizzi Bags

Our reusable activity bags are now manufactured from rPET material. Made from 100% recycled plastics, we have lowered our carbon footprint removing the need for virgin PET. 

Craftis Crayons

Our wax crayons are supplied in bulk or pre-packed in 100% recycled card. We are working towards 100% solar power manufacture, and FSC® certified crayon wrappers.

Big Changes

Big Changes

*UK vs China manufacture Feb 22-Jan 23 compared to Feb 23-Jan 24.