Are you making the most of key events in 2023?

Are you making the most of key events in 2023?

The provision of children’s activity packs continues to be a practical way to keep children entertained. By WOWing your younger guests on arrival, and providing an activity that encourages entire family engagement, businesses should seize the opportunity to increase their spend per head, and create a great reason for a return visit. 

Reason to visit

As parents agree (76%)* the addition of family activity gives them an incentive to visit, why not make the most of key events in 2023? Take the chance to stand out from the competition by advertising a seasonal event and making the most of a special occasion. Teams can maximise bookings at busy periods and increase sales at peak.

Key Events for 2023

  • Mother’s Day: 19th March
  • Easter Holidays: 31st March - 16th April (Region dependant)
  • Royal Coronation: 8th May
  • Father’s Day: 18th June
  • Summer Holidays: 1st July - 3rd September (Scottish/England & Wales dates differ)
  • Halloween Half Term: 13th October - 5th November. (Region dependant)
  • Christmas Holidays: 22nd December onwards

Informed Decisions

Whilst parents are influenced by price & availability when deciding where to dine out, parents agree (61%)* children are influenced by the provision of activity packs. Inspired by the latest trends and their own children, our Craftis design team use focus groups and research, to ensure their designs educate and engage children between the ages of 3 and 11.

Introduce a Meal Deal

Increase your spend per head by creating a meal deal that both parents and children love. By hiding the cost of the kids pack within the kids meal, there is no extra costs and the parent’s perceive better value for money.

Service to Fit

It's not only price that parents look out for, providing a quick service (40%)* is an important factor when deciding where to eat. Children’s service should be tailored to fit: they should be served first, and the option to have their food arrive early, always helps parents relax. When a child is finished this is a great opportunity to upsell a dessert, whilst the adults are still eating.

Social Engagement

Elements at the table can be used as a platform to provide extra opportunities for promotion and brand awareness. Any way to drive traffic to your website or encourage great organic social media content, will benefit your business but ultimately, give your customers a great memory to take home.

Positive Customer Experience

Reputation is everything! Increase your guest loyalty and make sure they return. Parents agree (76%)* that activity packs allow them to relax and enjoy their meal.

Team Member Buy-in.

Craftis activity packs are also designed with the team in mind. Parents agree (73%)* that activity packs keep children seated for a longer period of time relieving some pressure from a busy service. Our crayons are triangular in shape, that don’t roll off the table, we have also actively made changes to minimise waste to make turning tables around quicker.

Craftis Crayons

An easy addition to the family experience, crayons and colouring sheets are always welcomed by young families. Our cost effective crayons are now supplied in reusable brown Kraft boxes made from 100% recycled paper.

*Statistics taken from Craftis family dining research in partnership with MediaCom. Read the full research piece here