Craftis joins the Pilgrimage

Craftis joins the Pilgrimage

With the launch of their new children’s menu this summer, Pizza Pilgrims offers each member of their Little Slice Club a brand new children's activity pack, to entertain younger guests at the table.

Pizza Pilgrims Pizza BoxPizza Pilgrims children's menu, activity booklet, sticker sheet and crayons

Supplied with their very own 7 inch pizza box, Craftis has worked with Pizza Pilgrims to create a range of activities that inspires the next Pizza Picasso!

#pizzaboxart is a concept started by Pizza Pilgrims where guests have the opportunity to get creative. Each pizza box also includes chef’s glasses, an activity booklet and sticker sheet to inspire young artists to decorate their own masterpiece fit for any #pizzaboxart gallery. Lucky winners have their work displayed inside one of their five pizzerias.

It’s been a pleasure to roll out this new activity across a busy summer season. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for the Little Slice Club and Pizza Pilgrims family offering!

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Craftis designed and manufactured the contents of the Pizzi Pilgrims pizza box only.

"We couldn't be happier with the results!" Ruth Carpenter, Head of Marketing at Pizza Pilgrims