Spring into May Half Term!

Spring into May Half Term!

Spring into May Half Term!
There’s no better time to attract family visitors.

May is a busy month with three scheduled bank holidays, King Charles’s Royal Coronation and a school half term! Families are already online, actively looking for places to visit to make the most of their time off.

Dates for your diary

  • Bank Holiday: 1st May 2023
  • Bank Holiday: 8th May 2023
  • May Half Term: 26th May - 4th June* 2023
  • Bank Holiday: 29th May 2023

Providing family activity in today’s climate at peak periods, is challenging. How do you make the most of the increase in footfall without comprising on service or experience?

Family Engagement
The provision of children’s activity packs continues to be a practical way to keep children entertained. By WOWing your younger guests and providing an activity that encourages entire family engagement, businesses should seize the opportunity to increase their sales over these peak periods and give visitors a great reason to re-visit.

Now with a new price, our Farm Pop Up activity packs are the perfect accompaniment to a day out. Bursting with huge amounts of colouring-in, the farm themed activity pack also contains four 3D pop up animals, an activity sheet and four round crayons. Shop now

Value for Money
A pre-packed meal deal with a Bizzi Kids Takeaway Bag or Box, helps increase speed of service and operation ease at peak times. With enough room to hold a sandwich, drink, side and dessert, our customers maximise their spend per head creating a meal deal that both parents and children love. By hiding the cost of the packaging within the kids meal, there is no extra costs and the parent’s perceive better value for money. Shop now

Team Member buy-in.
Craftis activity packs are also designed with the team in mind. Parents agree (73%) that activity packs keep children seated for a longer period of time helping to relieve some pressure from a busy service. Our crayons are triangular in shape- they don’t roll off the table and get crushed into carpets! We have also actively made changes to minimise waste to make turning tables around quicker.

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*Dates for May Half term are school region dependant and may not be completely accurate. Craftis has done its best to inform our customers of these dates as accurately as possible.